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Central Florida Foreclosures

Central Florida has been expanding and growing for nearly thirty years, and it’s expected to continue growing. With large amounts of people coming to the area and only a small amount leaving Central Florida several large communities and developments have been built over the past decade to make room for these new families. With large amounts of people moving to the area with the highest economical value it’s only natural to find that some of these houses have fallen into foreclosure. Buying a foreclosed house can be marginally cheaper than purchasing one on the market!

Foreclosures in OrlandoThe reason for Central Florida’s major expansion can be attributed primarily to Walt Disney when he announced in 1965 that he would be opening the Walt Disney World Resort here in Orlando. Originally Orlando’s primary income was coming from citrus, but after the Walt Disney World Resort made its appearance tourism in the area quickly became a thriving economical growth. Now over forty years later the Walt Disney World Resort is home to four separate theme parks, the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and Animal Kingdom as well as two water parks, Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Following the Walt Disney World theme parks opening came the Universal Studios theme park and its sister park Islands of Adventure. These two fantastic parks were joined together by City Walk, an energetic and entertaining group of stores, clubs restaurants and small attractions. Another group of popular parks in Central Florida is the Sea World and Discovery Cove sister parks, whether you want to see a four ton whale do a flip in front of your eyes or if you want to swim with the dolphins these parks offer just about anything that has to do with the ocean! At this present time Orlando Foreclosure's are high and property values low, its the perfect time to buy!

Foreclosures in Celebration KissimeeAnother one of the major cities in Central Florida is Kissimmee, located just to the south of Orlando. Some of the most prestigious neighborhoods have been built here. Because Disney is located on the edge of Orlando the Kissimmee area is only five minutes away from the entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort. Here in Kissimmee you can find the popular Celebration Community, built and designed by the Walt Disney Company this great neighborhood has a wide variety of amenities that make it a fantastic place to live. Because Celebration was built in separate sections each section has been named a village. Each of these villages are situated around the center of Celebration, which houses the best part of the whole area. In the center of Celebration is a fully functioning town with shops, restaurants and necessity stores, even a full sized theatre! The best part is the Foreclosed Homes in Celebration are at an all time high! With foreclosed home prices so low you can save a ton of money on these phenomenal homes! While Celebration is the best of the best the Kissimmee area also is home to a variety of other great communities that have just come into play over the last decade. With so many options and a great city Kissimmee is a viable choice for a place to live!

With so many foreclosures in the Central Florida area finding a house has never been easier! Get a great house a fantastic price in Orlando, Kissimmee or the surrounding areas!


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